30g of "Kichi" Matcha Powder (Enjoy matcha casually: approximately JPY100 per cup)

¥ 2,800




The “Kichi” matcha is made from mostly hand-picked tea leaves that are blended with several different tea leaves grown in the Uji region of Kyoto. With its less bitter, sweeter taste, anyone can enjoy drinking matcha, even those who are not familiar with matcha. It is suitable for “usucha” (thin matcha).
From just a cup of matcha, you can receive the many rich nutrients tea contains: all the vitamins except for Vitamin D as well as thenine and cathechin. This is why matcha is called a “superfood.” Theanine has an especially relaxing effect.
You can enjoy matcha with your family and friends and have a relaxing and healthy time!

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30g of “Kichi” Matcha powder