20g of "Hana" Matcha powder in a tin (hand-picked matcha that has been entered into competitive shows)

¥ 11,800




The premium Uji matcha, which is rarely marketed because of its very small production in Kyoto, is made from 100% hand-picked tea leaves grown in the Uji region of Kyoto.
This “Hana” Matcha is the highest-quality product of this kind, and our farm has entered it into several competitions. Once you drink “Hana” matcha, you will surely feel you would like a second cup!
With a less bitter taste, you can enjoy the matcha itself, without any confectioneries.
It is more suitable for “koicha” (thick matcha).

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20g of “Hana” Matcha powder in a tin

(Please note that the design of tin is subject to change without notice.)