Frutcha set (Frutcha with 30g of “Kichi” Matcha powder in a tin)

¥ 5,800




An easy-to-make matcha shaker with 30g of “Kichi” matcha powder in a tin.

This product is recommended to those who would like to enjoy drinking plenty of matcha.
From just a cup of matcha, you can receive the many rich nutrients tea contains: all the vitamins except for Vitamin D as well as thenine and cathechin. This is why matcha is called a “superfood.”
The matcha whose leaves are carefully picked by hand once a year has an especially mild-sweet and less-bitter taste.
You can enjoy “traditional” matcha in a more casual way and begin a healthier life!

[Product details]
A Matcha shaker “Frutcha” (Choose the color either transparent or navy-blue)
Material: Body (Tritan), Lid (Polypropylene)
Volume: 330ml
Size: 55mm in diameter and 148mm height
A tea strainer
Material: Stainless-steel
30g of “Kichi” Matcha powder in a tin

(The glass and tea bowl in the picture are not included in the product.)
(The packing materials are subject to change.)