Frutcha set 14 (Frutcha with 14 stick packs of Matcha powder)

¥ 6,800




An easy-to-make matcha shaker with 14 individually wrapped matcha stick packs.

Two different stick packs are available: a less bitter, tasty hand-picked matcha powder, and a little sweet matcha powder (including beet sugar). To make matcha, you can use not only water or hot water but also milk or soy milk. You can enjoy matcha latte.
It is recommended to those who would like to enjoy drinking matcha every day.

From just a cup of matcha, you can receive the many rich nutrients tea contains: all the vitamins except for Vitamin D as well as thenine and cathechin. This is why matcha is called a “superfood.”
The matcha whose leaves are carefully picked by hand once a year has an especially mild-sweet and less-bitter taste.
You can enjoy “traditional” matcha in a more casual way and begin a healthier life!

[Product details]
A Matcha shaker “Frutcha” (Choose the color either transparent or navy-blue)
Material: Body (Tritan), Lid (Polypropylene)
Volume: 330ml
Size: 55mm in diameter and 148mm height
A tea strainer
Material: Stainless-steel
14 Matcha stick packs
Choose 14 packs from two different types as follows:
1. A stick pack of 2g “Kyaku” matcha powder
2. A stick pack of 10g Sweet Matcha powder (Matcha powder and beet sugar
in a ratio of one to five)

(The glass and tea bowl in the picture are not included in the product.)
(The packing materials are subject to change.)